Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels

I've created this page to show off my Hot Wheels collection.   I have about six hundred cars, a few from the 60s and 70s, but mainly from the late 80s and 90s.   I don't have all the hardest to get cars, but I think it's a pretty good collection.   I have a lot of variations of the castings I really like.

Look around and tell me what you think.   Enjoy the pictures!

Hot Wheels 1969 through 1977 (9 cars)

Hot Wheels 1987 (3 cars)

Hot Wheels 1988 (8 cars)

Hot Wheels 1989 (2 cars)

Hot Wheels 1990 (2 cars)

Hot Wheels 1991 (7 cars)

Hot Wheels 1992 (5 cars)

Hot Wheels 1993 (21 cars)

Hot Wheels 1994 (5 Cars)

Hot Wheels 1995 (66 cars)

Hot Wheels 1996 (42 Cars)

Hot Wheels 1997 (62 cars)

1965 Mustang Convertible

Ford 5-Pack (1995)

General Mills Mail-In 5-Pack (1997)

60s Muscle Cars 5-pack (1995)

Baywatch 5-Pack (1995)

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